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Shaffer Chimere Smith, better known by his stage name Ne-Yo, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actor. Ne-Yo gained fame for his songwriting abilities when he penned his 2004 hit 'Let Me Love You' for singer Mario. The single's successful release in the United States prompted an informal meeting between Ne-Yo and Def Jam's label head, and the signing of a recording contract.

Ne-Yo's debut album was In My Own Words, released in 2006. The album was critically successful, reaching number one on the Billboard 200. It is certified platinum in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Australia. Ne-Yo's first single 'Stay', was released in September 2005. The song was a success on the R&B charts, but failed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. His second single, 'So Sick' was first released in November 2005. In the US, it was a commercial success, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and was also certified platinum four times in the US and twice in Japan. 'When You're Mad' and 'Sexy Love' were released afterwards from the album in 2006, reaching number 15 and number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. In April 2007, Ne-Yo released his second studio album, Because of You, and was the second number one platinum-selling album debuted on the US Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. The album won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B Album at the 2008 Grammy Awards. Ne-Yo's third studio album, Year of the Gentleman, was released internationally in August 2008. The album was nominated for Best Contemporary R&B Album and Album of the Year at the 2009 Grammy Awards, 'Closer' for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, and 'Miss Independent' for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Song. Year of the Gentleman has been certified platinum twice in the US, selling two million copies, also platinum three times in the UK and once in Japan. The third single, 'Mad,' peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Ne-Yo's fourth studio album, Libra Scale was released in November 2010. Though Libra Scale reached number one in the UK R&B Singles and Albums Charts, number 9 on the US Billboard 200, it sold less than the previous albums. Three single were released from the album, UK number-one hit 'Beautiful Monster', as well the R&B singles 'Champagne Life' and 'One in a Million'. Ne-Yo released his fifth album, R.E.D. in November 2012. His mainstream lead single 'Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)', released in July 2012, was certified platinum in US, sold over two million copies. Ne-Yo released his sixth album Non-Fiction in January 2015.

On July 12, 2016, Ne-Yo was a guest judge on NBC's America's Got Talent judge cuts.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Pinky Ring 2020-02
1.Pinky Ring
APOLOGY 2018-05
Non-Fiction 2015-02
1.Non - Fiction(Intro)
2.Everybody Loves / The Def Of You(Interlude)
3.Run(feat. Schoolboy Q) / An Island(Interlude)
4.Integrity(feat. Charisse Mills)
5.One More(feat. T. I.)
6.Time Of Our Lives(feat. Pitbull)
7.Who's Taking You Home
8.Coming With You
9.Let You What... Interlude
10.Take You There
11.Good Morning / Gon' Ride(Interlude)
12.Make It Easy(feat. Jeezy)
13.Money Can't Buy
14.Religious / Ratchet Wit Yo Friends(Interlude)
15.She Knows(feat. Juicy J)
16.She Said I'm Hood Tho(feat. Candice)
17.Story Time
20.Worth It(Bonus) (Provided)
21.Body On You(Bonus) (Provided)
Religious 2015-01
Coming With You 2015-01
1.Coming With You
Money Can't Buy 2014-05
1.Money Can't Buy(feat. Young Jeezy)
3 Simple Rules 2014
1.New Love (Provided)
2.Bigger Than This
3.Gotchu Right (Provided)
4.Outro (Provided)
R. E. D 2012-11
1.Cracks In Mr. Perfect
2.Lazy Love
3.Let Me Love You(Until You Learn To Love Yourself)
4.Miss Right
6.Don't Make Em Like You
7.Be The One
8.Stress Reliever
9.She Is
10.Carry On(Her Letter To Him)
11.Forever Now
12.Shut Me Down
14.Should Be You
15.My Other Gun
16.Alone With You(Maddie's Song)
17.Let's Go
Betta Love Me (Right) (Single) 2012
1.Betta Love Me (Right)
The Way You Move (Single) 2011
1.The Way You Move (Single)
Libra Scale(魔幻天秤) 2010-10
1.Champagne Life(香檳人生)
2.Makin' A Movie(拍電影)
3.Know Your Name(知道你的名)
5.Crazy Love (feat. Fabolous)(瘋狂愛 - feat. 神奇小子)
6.One In A Million(萬中選一)
7.Genuine Only(名副其實)
8.Cause I Said So(我說了算)
9.Beautiful Monster(美麗怪獸)
10.What Have I Done(我做了什麼)
Welcome To Ne-yo's World Vol. 2 (Mixtape) 2009
1.Already Know
3.Lickin My Fingers ('Welcome To Ne-yo's World Vol.2' Mixtape)
5.I Don't Really Care
6.Give Me A Taste (Provided)
7.Won't Say I'm Sorry
8.All I Need
10.Better Today
11.Real Thing
12.Not Anymore
13.Start A Fire
14.To Be Continued
15.Its You
16.All Day Long
Ne-Yo: The Collection 2009
1.Can We Chill
2.Part Of The List
3.Because Of You (Remix)
Because Of You(因為是尼) 2007-05
1.Because Of You
3.Can We Chill
4.Do You
6.Leaving Tonight
7.Ain't Thinking About You
8.Sex With My Ex
10.Make It Work
11.Say It
12.Go On Girl
In My Own Words(我說) 2006-03
2.Let Me Get This Right(讓我搞清楚)
3.So Sick(受不了)
4.When you're Mad(當你生氣時)
5.It Just Ain't Right(就是不對)
7.Sign Me Up
8.I Ain't Gotta Tell You(沒打算告訴你)
9.Get Down Like That(不放棄)
10.Sexy Love(性感愛人)
11.Let Go(放手)
13.Get Down Like That(Remix)(不放棄)
Year Of The Gentleman
1.In The Way
2.Let's Just Be
3.Licking My Fingers
5.So You Can Cry
6.Stop This World
7.What's The Matter
8.Why Does She Stay
9.She Got Her Own
The Collection
1.Because of You (remix) (feat. Kanye West)
2.Sexy Love
3.Go on Girl
5.Miss Independent
6.Because of You
7.So Sick
8.In the Way
10.Do You (feat. Utada)
11.Crazy (feat. Jay-Z)
12.When You're Mad
The Apprenticeship of Mr. Smith (The Birth of Ne-Yo)
2.Cocoa Butta
5.Just My Problem
6.So Wrong
7.The End
9.Amazing U
10.Luv Me Right
Promo DJ (2007)
1.Because of You [Josh Harris Vocal Club Mix]
2.Because of You [Kriya vs. Erik Velez Club Mix]
3.Because of You [Sunfreakz Remix]
4.Because of You [Chop Shop Club Mix]
One In A Million (Single)
1.One In A Million (Single)
My Revenge (Mixtape)
1.Can't Fight It
2.In The Ground
3.I Can't Do That
5.Hurry Up
6.All Over
7.Somebody Else
8.Let Me Get This Right
9.Don't Worry About It
10.Hello My Name Is Revenge
11.My Revenge
Gentlemanlike Three
1.Can't Shake Loose
3.Nothing but the Girl
4.Part Time
5.Your Girl Is a Ho
6.Take It Back
7.I Feel Good
Gentlemanlike 4
1.Stupid In Love
3.When He Kissed Me
6.Never Knew I Needed
Gentlemanlike 2
1.Round And Round
2.I Got You
3.There With You
4.Stormy Sunday
Discotech (feat. Sound Farm)
3.Thinking About You
4.It's On Tonight
2.Can I Keep Your Company?
3.Stand Accused
4.Set It Off
5.Not Perfect
6.Miss Your Company
7.Miss You Crazy
8.Me Without You
9.Lonely Girls Club
10.It Just Makes Sense
11.I Was In Love
12.Touch Me Like You Mean It
13.Too Litle Too Late
14.Can't Stop the Rain
15.Chronicles of the Streetlights
16.You Ain't Gotta Go
17.A Milli Freestyle
18.Lonely again
19.Can't Stop
21.Don't Take It Personal
22.Before I Lose You
23.His Mistakes
24.Forbidden Fruit
26.Don't Worry Me Now
27.Don't Fall in Love
28.This Love
29.Think About It
30.That Girl
31.So sick (female version)
32.Try Me Out
33.What Don't You Understand
36.Top Of The World
37.Bang Bang
38.Breaking Up
39.Can You Get Away
40.Miss Hypnotic
41.Nothing In Common
42.Coke Side Of Life
44.Trust Me Or You Don't
45.Tear You Down
46.She Uses Me (Masturbation)
47.It's All Good
48.My Diamond
50.I'm Not An Idiot
52.How I Do
54.Get In
55.Floating Away
56.Everything I Need
57.Fix Me Up
Champagne Life (Single)
1.Champagne Life (Single)
Call Me Ridiculous (Single)
1.Call Me Ridiculous
Beautiful Monster (Single)
1.Beautiful Monster (Single)
Miscellaneous 1
1.My Star
2.Closer - Live From BBC 1's Radio Live Lounge
3.Make You Feel Good
4.Over My Head
5.Turn It Into Love
6.Friend Like Me
7.Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) [featuring Beni]
8.Burning Up
9.All She Wants
10.Let Me Love You - Bob Sinclar Edit
11.Fade Into The Background
13.Finer Things
14.Don't Gotta Know
16.Not Strong Enough
17.One Life
18.That's Entertainment
20.Let Me Get This Right [Snippet]
22.Get Down Like That [Snippet]
25.Makin' A Movie
26.Know Your Name
28.Genuine Only
29.Hate That I Love You
32.Get Down Like That (Remix)
33.Let Go
34.Back To What You Know
35.Lie To Me
36.I Ain't Gotta Tell You
37.She Got Her Own (Miss Independent Remix)
38.I'm Sorry
39.That's What It Does
40.Go To Sleep
41.Call Me Crazy
43.It Just Ain't Right
44.Crazy Love
45.Real Love
46.Stay With
47.Slow Down
48.Move Along
49.Don't Wanna Be In Love
50.Feel You All Over
51.When You're Low
52.Closer (Remix)
53.You Want It
54.She's Right Here
55.I Can Do Bad (Snippet)
56.Get To Know You
57.I'm In Love
58.Give Me Everything
59.Maybe Is You (Snippet)
60.What Have I Done
61.The Best Part (Is You)
62.Pot Of Gold
63.When It Was Me
64.The Way You Move
65.What I Do (Provided)
66.Cracks in Mr Perfect
67.To Whom It May Concern
69.Sexy Love (Duet Remix) (feat. Candace Jones)
70.Get Down Like That
72.Worth It
75.Beautiful Monster
76.Champagne Life
77.One In A Million
78.Cause I Said So
80.Everybody Loves/The Def of You
81.Run/An Island
83.One More
84.Time of Our Lives
85.Let You What… (Interlude)
86.Good Morning/Gon' Ride
87.Make It Easy
88.Religious/Ratchet Wit Yo Friends
89.She Knows
90.She Said I'm Hood Tho
91.Come Over
1.Friend Like Me (Aus 'Aladdin')
2.Friend Like Me (From 'Aladdin')
3.Closer - Stonebridge Remix Radio Edit
5.You Don't Trust Me
6.Body Party (Remix)
8.Good Morning/Gon' Ride (Medley)
9.Worth It (Bonus Track)
10.Body On You (Bonus Track)
11.Religious/Ratchet Wit Yo Friends (Medley)
12.Ballerina (Bonus Track)
13.Come Over (Bonus Track)
14.Yo New Man
15.Ballerina (Bonus)
16.Beçause of you
17.When You're Mad (DJ Kost Version)
19.Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) (Seamus Haji radio mix)
20.Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) (Seamus Haji Remix)
21.So Sick (remix)
22.Back Like That
23.Because of You (Radio Edit)
24.She Got Her Own (feat. Jamie Foxx & Fabolous) [Bonus Track]
25.Lie two Me
26.Amazing You
27.Beautiful Monster (Low Sunday Terrified club)
28.One In a Million (Long Version)
29.Let Me Love You (Seamus Haji remix)
31.Don't Give a Dam (EDM)
32.Sexy Love (Acoustic Version)
33.So Sick (Acoustic version As Heard On Radio 1's Jo Whiley Show)
34.Becouse of You
35.Miss Independent (main) (Promo Only clean edit)
37.Baby by Me
39.Because of You (Sunfreakz Radio Edit)
40.Amazing You (feat. Ahmed Soultan)
41.Can We Chill (Radio Edit)
42.Miss Independent (main)
44.Mad (Ultimix)
45.In Love With You
46.From 'The Princess and the Frog'
47.Put Your Hands Up
48.Let Me Love You 'Until You Learn to Love Yourself' (Bob Sinclar edit)
49.So Sick (Instrumental)
51.I Want to Come Home for Christmas
52.Watch You Dance
53.Because of You (Sunfreakz remix - DJ mix)
55.Never Knew I Needed - From 'The Princess and the Frog'/Soundtrack Version
56.Future in You
57.Beautiful Monster (G-Wizard & Def Rok DJ Mix)
58.Another Love Song
59.Run/An Island (Interlude)
61.Run / An Island (Interlude)
62.Good Man

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